Elections & Voting

The Green Party first achieved ballot status in New York in 1998 with "Grandpa" Al Lewis as our candidate for Governor receiving the 50,000+ votes required.  The line was lost in 2002, but was won back again in 2010 by our Gubernatorial candidate Howie Hawkins.  In 2014, with Hawkins as our candidate again, the Green Party moved up to the 4th slot on NY's Ballot.

Interested in becoming a Green Party Candidate?  Here are some things you should know:

  • Fusion candidates are not allowed by the Green Party.  Our candidates run solely on the Green Party line.
  • The Green Party only offers "Wilson-Pakula" authorizations (cross endorsements) to candidates who are unaffiliated voters, or voters who have changed their registration to Green but are not yet recognized as such by the Board of Elections. 
  • All candidates must agree to not seek any other ballot lines.

If you'd like to become a Green Party candidate, email: eriecountygreens@gmail.com

Register to Vote:

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Current Candidates:

US Senate: Robin L. Wilson

NYS Assembly District 140:  Anthony Baney