Chris Collins Hates Democracy

Green Party denounces theft of ballot line by Republicans in CD-27




Erie County Green Party officers and members are greatly disturbed by the actions of local Republican operatives acting on behalf of Congressman Chris Collins to place a fake candidate on the Green Party line in the 27th congressional district. These operatives misled Green Party members into signing a petition for a candidate who does not represent the Green Party.


The candidate in question has been identified as a supporter of right wing causes who only recently registered as a Green for the sole purpose of stealing the line. He does not represent in any way our party’s four pillars: Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy and Non-Violence.


By filing this petition Chris Collins and the local Republican Party have shown voters how they truly feel about democracy. They would rather trick residents of the 27th congressional district into voting for a false candidate than provide them with an honest election. This would be a deplorable action for any candidate, but it is especially so for a sitting member of Congress.



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Support our Green Candidates on November 7th


Election day is just around the corner, and our local Green Party candidates need your support!

The Green Party has three amazing candidates running this year in Erie County, Terrence Robinson for Mayor of Buffalo, Carol "Sandy" Przybylak for Cheektowaga Town Council and Anthony Baney for the 3rd District of the Erie County Legislature.

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Local Green Party Member Pushes for Cannabis Legalization



Anthony Baney, a two-time Green Party candidate who is running again this year in Erie County's 3rd legislative district, penned this response to some recent anti-cannabis reports in the local media on behalf of WNY Normal.


“WNY NORML’s Response to Cuomo’s stance on legalization, and an article published in the East Aurora Advertiser.
Governor Andrew Cuomo responded to reporters on the issue of cannabis legalization in New York State by saying he does not support legalizing adult recreational use of cannabis. (
An article published in the East Aurora Advertiser ( helps highlight the reason and public mentality as to why New York continues the era of prohibition of adult recreational use of cannabis.
The Governor brought up the gateway theory, and how Cannabis use may lead to use of other drugs. Dr. Carl Hart mentioned in this Congressional testimony, ( that the last 3 Presidents have smoked cannabis. If one is to argue that cannabis is a gateway drug, then they would have to argue smoking cannabis is a gateway to the White House.
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Election Day is Tuesday!!!

Election Day is Tuesday and Green Party candidates need your vote!!!


5 % of the vote is a victory for Jill Stein and Ajamu BarakaIt will qualify the Green Party for recognition as an official national party, and for federal funding in the 2020 presidential race proportional to the amount of votes received — at least $8 million to $10 million. It would also secure ballot access in a number of states that automatically grant ballot status if the presidential candidate receives anywhere from 1 percent to 5 percent of the vote (varying by state). It means the party can leap over the undemocratic barriers to ballot access for independent parties in many states, and help us lay the groundwork for a truly competitive challenge to the two-party system and the corporate rule it perpetuates.

Learn more about their campaign at

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It's Official: Stein/Baraka 2016

Wrap-up of the 2016 Green National Convention


WASHINGTON, D.C. -- At approximately 3:30 p.m. CT on Aug. 6 during the Green Party's 2016 national convention, Greens chose Jill Stein and running mate Ajamu Baraka to be the party's presidential and vice-presidential nominees.

Dr. Stein was nominated after receiving a majority of votes in the first round of voting. She received 239.5 out of 293 total votes (81.7%) cast by Green delegates from across the U.S.

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Keep the Green Line Green


We need your help on primary day, September 13th The Republicans are trying to steal the Green Party line in the race for the 140th Assembly District.  It’s up to you to stop them, by casting your vote for the endorsed Green Party Candidate Anthony Baney.

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Sanders Supporters - Join the Green Revolution!


Given that both the Green Party and Bernie Sanders speak of the importance of building the movements of the people to bring about change, the Erie County Green Party calls on the Bernie Sanders campaign and supporters to join with the Greens for the 2016 elections.  By refusing to endorse Clinton and instead joining with the Greens, a clear anti-establishment stand that contributes to building the peoples’ movements can be made.

The Green Party, at the local, state and national level, better represents the desire of many of those supporting Sanders to break with the establishment and stand up for a pro-people, anti-war program. We urge the Sanders campaign and supporters to join with the Greens in whatever means possible, for the 2016 elections, and we urge the Green Party statewide and nationwide, to extend a welcoming hand to Sanders and his supporters.

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Statement from the Green Party of NY on “Open” Primaries Lawsuit and Need for Democratic Reform


Purged Primary Voters Have the Greens' Sympathies, but Lawsuit For "Open" Primaries Fails to Address the Real Problems–and it Could Destroy Third Parties



Michael O'Neil | Green Party of NY Staff | 917-825-3562 |
Gloria Mattera | Green Party of NY Co-Chair | 917-886-4538 |

New York (April 18, 2016)–The Green Party of New York (GPNY) has issued the below statement in response to frustrated voters calling for "open" primaries in the state of New York, and the recent lawsuit filed to that effect. GPNY will not participate in the April 19th Primary Election for president, and instead New York Greens will vote for the Green Party's 2016 presidential nominee at a June 11 state nominating convention in Troy, NY (with a mail-in ballot available for Greens who cannot attend). The Green Party of the United States national convention will take place in Houston, TX from August 4-7. The winner of the GPUS nomination will appear on the November 8 General Election ballot for all New York voters.


We are not surprised by reports of would-be voters in tomorrow's presidential primary discovering that they do not, in fact, belong to the party to which they registered. Many of our members experienced similar frustrations when attempting to register Green.

But the solution to this and other threats to democracy in New York is not so-called "open" primaries, as proposed in a newly-announced lawsuit , but comprehensive voting reforms to support multiparty democracy and a board of elections that operates free from partisan control.

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Remarks from the Chairperson of the Erie County Green Party

Charlie Tarr, Chair of the Erie County Green Party

We are just beginning! A great team of officers and committee chairs has formed to take the Green Party in Erie County into this and future election cycles with strong candidates on our unique Green Party line. The issues in Erie County and across NYS are endless and provide us with an opportunity to make change and impact a better future for us and our children. 

We are fortunate to have an easily accessible and somewhat central location to meet regularly at the Polish Cadets on Grant St. In the City of Buffalo. Highway access to this location makes it easy for party members from throughout the county to attend our meetings.

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